Big Lots Survey is a chance for customers to give their feedback and comments on their shopping experience at Big Lots stores.

Big Lots Survey

This survey can take between five to 10 minutes to Finish. In addition, once you have finished the entire survey, you stand a good chance to be awarded a $100 to $1000 present card.

Your feedback serves as a useful resource for Big Lots to measure customer satisfaction, Identify areas for modification, and innovate its offerings. By providing your thoughts, You actively contribute to shaping the restaurant’s future.

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How to Take the Big Lots Survey?

There are three ways to participate in the Big Lots Customer Satisfaction Survey contest.

  • Entering with a Purchase Receipt
  • Entering Without a Purchase Receipt
  • Entering through Mail/ Write-In

Entering with a Purchase Receipt

  • Go to the official website of the Biglots survey.
  • Choose the preferred language at the top of your welcome screen, then select the “Begin Survey” option.

Big Lots Survey step 1

  • The first question that you’ll get is “Did you make a purchase?”.

Big Lots Survey step 2

  • Then you’ll be asked to enter your register as well as the transaction and store numbers.

Big Lots Survey step 3

  • Take out your Big Lots receipt.
  • Then, enter the date and time of your visit in the purchase receipt format.
  • If the user clicks “Next,” the survey will begin.
  • Finish the Big Lots questionnaire, which frequently asks you to rate how pleased you were overall with your shopping experience.

Big Lots Survey step 4

  • The effort to answer the questions as honestly and openly as you can.
  • You are asked to give feedback after the event on any aspect that could have made your experience more delightful.
  • After that, you’ll be asked if it would be fun taking part in its sweepstakes, or simply “skip.”
  • Say Yes and provide your contact information.
  • Check your personal information and provide your feedback.
  • After that, you will receive an email about your participation in the Big Lott Sweepstakes.
  • Wait for the official of the sweepstakes to reveal the winner.
  • That’s it! you will automatically be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $1,000 gift card in the sweepstakes.

Entering Without a Purchase Receipt

Big Lots can be purchased without a receipt, but you can still enter the sweepstakes and win a gift card by doing so.

  • Go to the official website of Big Lots Survey.
  • Select the preferred language.
  • Then click the “Begin Survey” button.
  • The first question that you’ll get is “Did you make a purchase?”.
  • Answer “No” and click “Next”.
  • Select the preferred lot store.
  • Answer as many questions as you can.
  • After you complete the survey, enter your contact details.
  • Complete the various fields accurately.
  • If you win the draw, Big Lots may contact you to inform you of your prize.

Entering through Mail/ Write-In

Take a 3” x 5-inch piece of card or paper and hand-print your Name, Address, Phone number, Email address, and date of birth.


Send it in a proper envelope to the following address:

Big Lots! Guest Experience Survey Sweepstakes Entry
625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100,
Rochester, NY 14625-2437

  • Include the correct postage on the envelope or postcard (if using paper).
  • Send your post and then wait for a response.


In the end, The Big Lots Survey offers a valuable platform for customers to voice their opinions with other customers as well as to share their stories about their experiences at Big Lots.

Through this feedback program, Big Lots gains valuable insights that help them enhance their products, services, and overall customer satisfaction.

Participating actively through the poll, clients have an integral part in determining the future direction of Big Lots, ensuring that their needs are being met and their expectations exceed.


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What are the benefits of participating in the Big Lots Survey?

By participating in Big Lots, you are contributing to the development and improvement of Big Lots’ products and services.

Can I skip any survey questions if I’m unsure of the answer?

You can have a break from answering questions however it is recommend to answer all questions you can to ensure that you can give complete and thorough feedback.

Are my survey responses anonymous?

Your responses to surveys generally are confidential and anonymous. Your feedback is only use to improve customer experience.

What type of questions will asked in the survey?

The survey will focus on different factors that affect your experience shopping including the selection of products, customer service cleaning up the store and general satisfaction.

Is the survey available in languages other than English?

Since our last update, the survey is currently accessible in English. However, it’s recommend to keep an eye on the survey’s website for any changes regarding the availability of other languages.

What information do I need to complete the survey?

You’ll need your receipt from your latest Big Lots purchase, which includes a survey code as well as other important information.

Can I take the survey more than once?

While you can only complete this survey one time per receipt of purchase however, you can take it again using an additional receipt from the next visit.

Is the Big Lots Survey open to all customers?

The questionnaire is available to any customer who have purchased at the Big Lots store or through their website.

What is the Big Lots Survey, and how can I participate?

Big Lots Survey is an online feedback system which allows customers to comment on their shopping experience. To take part, go to the official site that you can access on the receipt of your purchase complete the required details and then complete the questionnaire.


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