Big Lots Rewards is one of the best shopper loyalty programs around. First off, it’s FREE, and you can earn your way to a Reward with every purchase!

It’s designed to reward their biggest fans both frequent shoppers (Reward after every 3 purchases!).

Big Lots Rewards

The Big Rewards program also offers frequent coupons for 20% off, free weekends, coupons for Big Bucks, 10% off Military/Vets and Birthday Surprises. You can combine your Rewards with many of their coupons.

Big Lots Rewards

By sharing your experience, you can enter to win a $1,000 gift card in the Biglots survey sweepstakes every month.

How Will I get my Rewards?

Your account email will notify you of your Rewards, depending on the date that your purchase was made, within 7-14 business days. To receive Rewards notifications, the email address linked to your BIG Rewards account needs to be valid and active.

Check your email on Fridays as Rewards emails will be sent. With few exceptions, you earn a coupon for every three purchases that qualify.

Rewards can only be earned when you are logged into your account or identify yourself at the checkout as a Rewards Member.

In most stores, an associate will be able to look up your account if you do not have your card. They can use your email or phone number.

Can I access my Rewards any Other Way?

You can check your offers at any time by logging into your account on You must provide a valid email to receive notifications.

Pro tip! Save the “My Big Offers & Rewards” page to your iPhone or Android phone for easy and quick access to your coupons and Rewards.

Open any Big Lots email and click “my account” located at the bottom. This will take you to your My Offers dashboard. Save the page to your phone. Click the bookmark to get direct and quick access to your offers.

What can I Spend my Reward on?

You can redeem Rewards coupons on almost everything. You can use Rewards coupons to purchase most items at regular prices, on sale or clearance in-stores and on

Rewards coupons can be used for new price holds, new lease transactions, and special orders. Refer to your reward for details.

Exclusions include rental, donations, gifts cards, products exempt from tax, price holds, special order, and previously completed Lease transactions. Exclusions may change.



Big Lots Rewards will enhance your shopping experience, and you’ll get more from every visit to one of their stores. They strive to provide Their loyal customers the best rewards and benefits, which make shopping at Big Lots more enjoyable.

Their loyalty program caters to your preferences and needs, whether it is significant savings on products you love, member-only offers or exciting surprises. Don’t miss this great opportunity to maximize your shopping.

FAQs – Big Lots Rewards

Can I view transaction history in my BIG Rewards account?

Yes! You can access your transaction history in your account as a Big Rewards member.

What if I lost my BIG Rewards card?

Log in to your account, and then follow the instructions for adding or replacing a card. You can create a digital card for BIG Rewards or sync the account with a physical one. Visit any Big Lots location to get a new physical card if you wish to keep your old one. Sign in to your Big Lots account online or visit any retail store participating.

How do I add my Rewards number to my online profile?

Logging into your account is the first step to adding your new BIG Rewards Card number. After logging in, go to the Update BIG Reward Card page. Enter your new card number in the box titled ‘Update BIG Reward Card’. Click “Save Card Number” and you’re good to go!

Do Rewards expire?

The BIG Rewards will be valid for 17 days after the date of loading.

Can I share my Rewards or use them more than once?

You can only use a reward once. Your Rewards cannot be share, since they can only redeemed with your Rewards card or login credentials to your online account.

Do I still earn a Reward when I redeem a Reward?

You Bet! You can earn your next reward by redeeming a reward on a purchase that qualifies.